CEA (Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives, Direction of Military Applications) is a major actor for Defence and global Security in France and in Europe. CEA/DAM will be involved through three divisions: (a) CEA/Gramat, (b) CEA/DASE/SRCE/LIRC and (c) CEA/DSNP. CEA Gramat is in charge of vulnerability assessment in several collaborative projects, including the recent FP7 CIPRNet project for the creation of an expert network on critical infrastructures; FP7 PREDICT project for (as leader) the assessment of domino effects in crisis situations. CEA/Gramat also leads the French ANR DEMOCRITE project, which aims at providing a risk analysis and risk coverage software platform applied to the Paris fire-fighter brigade area (DEMOCRITE implements vulnerability maps including network vulnerability). The CEA/Gramat water distribution network serves as a model network for DEMOCRITE (more than 10 km of pipes) and will be used also for the project. Gramat is also the CEA expert on the assessment of explosion consequences and will provide damage map for threat scenarios. (b) CEA/DASE/SRCE/LIRC is in charge of the operational as- sessment of CBRN dissemination. The CERES® NRBC-E software platform includes many tools to assess health impact of airborne pollutant dissemination, but its modular software structure and its links to GIS data permits the addition of modules dedicated to water dissemination of such agents. CEA/DSNP is in charge of assessing major threat scenarios. In a recent project, specific pollutant sensors for water networks have been developed. These sensors will be tested during the project.