L’Eurométropole de Strasbourg (EMS) has been established in 1967. EMS water department supplies drinking water to 420,000 inhabitants (city of Strasbourg and 11 cities around Strasbourg) with an annual water pro- duction of 33 Millions m3. EMS is very concerned with safety and is developing real time monitoring of its distribution network (1,100 km pipes) as an extension of its SCADA with related tools such as a fine scale hydraulic model. It is currently involved in the BMBF/ANR project SMaRT-OnlineWDN. Long-term targets of EMS are: 1) enhance the hydraulic model; 2) evaluate the vulnerability of the supply system while simulating accidents and suitable measures such as drawing gates, local chlorination etc.; 3) reduce water loss in pipes; 4) go further in the investigations that have been done in terms of water supply quality control, incidents an- ticipation and further 5) a more effective management of “crisis situations”.