VEDIF is a subsidiary of the Veolia Environment group and it is dedicated to operating the water service of the Syndicat des Eaux d’Ile-de-France (SEDIF). SEDIF comprises 149 municipalities in the Parisian suburbs and is the largest drinking water distribution network in France. Veolia Eau d’Ile de France manages the pro- duction and distribution of drinking water of 800 000 m3 per day (around 250 million m3 per year) and pro- vides water for 4.3 million inhabitants. The assets of the water service include three surface water treatment plants, a network of more than 8 000 km of pipes, 46 supply plants, and 64 reservoirs with a total capacity of 650 600 m3 allow peak demand periods to be regulated. VEDIF was a member of various international re- search projects such as SecurEau and SMaRT-OnlineWDN. In the previous 3 years of operation, VEDIF installed about 200 multi-parameter sensors on the network, 750 000 remote meters, 1 000 acoustic leakage detection sensors, and several dozens of flowmeters. All these sensors send data to a control centre that can be directly correlated with other data from other sources (e.g. hydraulic model, GIS, customer complaints). The treatment of these data should allow improving the operational procedures in case of usual operation as well as in case of crises.